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Welcome to NEO Bazaar

"NEO Bazaar" is a manufacturing & consumer e-commerce platform who are selling their own manufacturing and sourcing products through website and Social media page. “always pure” is our slogan. We never compromise purity for any reason. We are fully committed to reach pure products to the customer. Considering huge adulterated spices in the market, it is very difficult to get pure products even in exchange for money. With this feeling, we have been planning for a long time to source, produce pure products for us. We are not planning to do business only; we want to reach pure products to the customers also. We are more concern about purity equal to value. We decided after a long period of close observation and monitoring to start this business. We have a long business background for other products and supply chain. So, we have a great mission and vision to succeed in our planning.

Own manufacturing products

Chili Powder
Turmeric Powder
Cumin Powder
Coriander Powder
Gawa Ghee
Mustard Oil
Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil
Brown Atta etc.
Local Sourcing Products:
Different types of rice
Hand Made Laccha Semai
Brown Sugar
Hand made Puffed rice
Premium Tea
Pataligur (Khejurer Gur)
Various types of fishes
Mutton etc.

Imported products

We are sourcing a lot of imported products from importers who are directly importing high quality products from Thailand, USA, Australia, Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, India, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Singapore and many more countries as following:
Sunflower Oil
Various Types of Chocolate
Beauty Soap
Aloe Vera Drink
Honey etc.